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Paus-n-Train provides year round dog training classes in Obedience, Agility and Rally-O. Drawing on the "Positive reinforcement" philosophy of dog training, Gwen Little uses what is commonly referred to as the "clicker method." With class sizes limited to 4 students per trainer, each participant can benefit from one on one time with the trainer.

Your trainers:

Gwen Little

Gwen Little has a BSc. in economics and is an honours graduate of Animal Behaviour College as a Certified Dog Trainer. To enhance her education with ABC College she mentored under Sharon Worsley and has been training at Paus-N-Train for several years now.

Gwen services the Peterborough area with both private and group classes and continues to assist Sharon Wednesday evenings for Dog Manners #1, #2 and Rally-O.

Continuing education is a strong personal mandate of Gwen's. It is important to her to be current and relevant with science based methodologies of canine training. She attends educational conferences and continues to take follow up courses through Animal Behavior College. She hopes to write her CPDT-KA which is an internationally recognized designation. Once accomplished, she will be the only CPDT-KA in this area. (CPDT-KA= Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed)

In Peterborough, Gwen is the only certified dog trainer and the only clicker trainer in the city and surrounding area. She prides herself in the science based method of training. Positive reinforcement training is the most humane, kind and fun way to train a dog. This method of training has the added bonus of deepening and strengthening the canine-human bond.

Gwen hosts educational/information seminars monthly for new puppy owners at PetValu in Peterborough and has written several articles for Freedom magazine.

She has spent her whole life around animals of all species. Becoming a dog trainer was a natural course for her to travel. She finds it hugely rewarding working with both dogs and their owners that she meets along the way.

Sharon Worsley

Sharon Worsley began her dog training career as an apprentice in 1994. She became interested in dog training when she got her first purebred Bearded Collie in 1992. After taking her dog through a traditional type obedience school she entered her dog in her first obedience trial. It was a very terrifying experience for her dog, Shellby. Another Bearded Collie owner approached Sharon and offered to teach her a better way to train her dog. Then began the apprenticing at K-9 Klubhouse in Pickering.

She continues to further her knowledge of canine behaviour by attending many seminars and workshops that include internationally recognized instructors and researchers such as: Dr. Ian Dunbar, Gary Wilkes, Carolyn Clark, Cheryl Smith, Leslie Nelson, Donna Duford, Jean Donaldson, Turid Ruugas, Greg Derrett, Susan Garrett among others. One of her favourite workshops was Bob Bailey's -- Chicken Clicken. She found it so very rewarding to train a chicken!

In 2000, under the guidance of her mentor she founded Paus-N-Train Obedience and Agility. It started out in her backyard with an agility class of 4 students. Sharon continued her apprenticeship for another 3 years before striking out on her own.

Sharon believes only in “Training the Positive Way.” She is not a permissive trainer, just a positive one. She does not use force, yelling, squirt bottles, or shake cans to get rid of problem behaviors. Instead, she uses the main human tool, the brain. One must find ways to prevent the dog from practicing the behavior and rewarding itself while teaching the dog something else it can do. This requires problem solving and creative thought. Because the dog-human relationship is so important, force is simply not part of Sharon’s dog training toolbox. This methodology involves positive reinforcement with praise, treats or toys, integrating fun and play into all training lessons. This makes it fun and rewarding for both owner and dog.

Her methods are based on some of the best trainers in North America. The results of her training techniques speak for themselves. Sharon's three Bearded Collies have achieved their Canadian Championships, Companion Dog and Agility titles in ACC, CKC and AKC. Columbus continues to compete at the National level at the ripe old age of 12 years. He is a champion even as a veteran. Her latest acquired dog is a fearful Australian Shepard named Markus. He recently entered his first agility trial and coped so well with the other dogs and new people, Sharon couldn't help but be so proud that he had no reactions to either dogs or people.

Some of Sharon's agility students have also gone on to compete at the National level as well as enjoy competing their dogs in local trials. Many continue taking classes with her year round just for the fun of working with their dog.

Now Sharon passes the mantle of effective humane dog training as a mentor for ABC college and has invested in multiple new trainers. It thrills her to be part of growing the positive reinforcement movement in dog training.

Dante Camacho

Dante has been teaching agility, freestyle and obedience for the past 15 years. He was the first one to introduce clicker training to agility in Brazil and has always worked with positive training methods.

His first high level competition dog was a rescued Sheltie named Cuica. In just one year competing, the team got a spot in the Brazilian agility team and went to the World Championships in France 2003, in that same year they won the Americas and the Caribbean Championships in Peru. Dante and Cuica also represented Brazil in several other international competitions and the team won the Brazilian National Championships in 2004 and 2005.

Dante's other dogs have all competed in the highest levels of agility, they have all achieve great success, obtaining titles in agility, Rally-O and performing on TV shows and demos across Canada.

Dante has a lot of experience with different breeds and has trained and competed with Scottish Terriers, Whippets, Poodles, Beagles, Schnauzers, Labrador Retrievers to name a few.

He is one of the few select handlers in North America invited to teach in countries in Europe, his gift of teaching is acknowledged by many of the top trainers around the world. Since 2007 he has also been a member of the famous Superdogs Team, touring all across Canada showing his dog's skills in Freestyle Dog Dancing to millions of people.

Dante has acquired many of his skills and teaching abilities from top trainers in the world. He's over the years developed his own style of teaching and handling where he applies his unique ability to adapt and understand other handling systems and training methods, being able to help all handlers.

Nowadays, he teaches seminars and workshops all year round and travels across Canada, Europe and South America competing and sharing his teachings.

Dante's goal is to always teach dogs to run fast in agility and respond happily to cues in freestyle and obedience. He's able to communicate and read dogs with amazing ease, his calm and patient demeanor has helped teams from starters to World Championships levels.


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