Please note: If you are paying by cheque for Paus-n-Train classes, cheques are payable to "Gwen Little" not "Paus-n-Train".


Agility is an excellent way for dogs and their handlers to bond together. Working as a team, the dog and handler learn to negotiate obstacles, such as tire jumps, hurdles, teeter totters, tunnels and weave poles.

It offers a great mental and physical workout!


Introduction to Agility..........$130 + HST - 6 week program

This class is the start of all things fun in agility.  It is mandatory for all teams.  Dogs will learn to navigate bar jumps, tire jumps, tunnels and the Pause Table.  

Foundation to Agility..........$130 + HST - 6 week program

In this class the team will begin to learn handling maneuvers that include front, rear and blind crosses that allow for change of direction while running the course.  The dogs will learn how to navigate double jumps, ascending spreads and broad jumps.

Beginners..........$130 + HST - 6 week program

In this class the teams will begin to build their skills with contacts (A-Frame, Walk and Teeter) along with introducing the dog to Weave Poles.  The teams will continue to build their jumping skills to include many of the more advanced turns that include the Reverse Spin, Pole Turns, Lateral sends, etc.

Intermediate..........$130 + HST - 6 week program

Teams will continue to build their handling skills working towards running full height teeters and straight weave poles.  The speed on course begins to accelerate.  The fun intensifies!

Advanced..........$130 + HST - 6 week program

This is for dogs who can run the teeter at full height and do 6 straight weave poles.

In this class handling skills become more complex and the speed continues.


Masters..........$130 + HST - 6 week program

This is class is for the team who want more.  These dogs can run 12 straight poles, full height teeter, A-Frame and Dog Walk.  The sequencing is more complex than before and is great for competition or just for fun.