About Paus-n-Train

Paus-n-Train provides year round dog training classes in Obedience, Agility, Rally-O and Scent Detection. Drawing on the "Positive reinforcement" philosophy of dog training, Gwen Little uses what is commonly referred to as the "Event Marker method." With class sizes limited to 5 students per trainer, each participant can benefit from lots of one on one time with the trainer.

What's New

Topics Classes!  We are pleased to introduce our first topics class on "Just Walking".  If you are a Paus-n-Train graduate and want to brush up on your dog's walking skills or you have trained your dog yourself but need some help with teaching your dog not to drag you down the street, then consider our "Just Walking" Topics class.  It will be 4 weeks at a half hour per week with an after tax total of $73.45.  Interested?  Register through the Classes portal.  

Referral Program

$10 discount on your next class for those who refer customers that sign up with Paus-n-Train.