Please note: If you are paying by cheque for Paus-n-Train classes, cheques are payable to "Gwen Little" not "Paus-n-Train".

Puppy Play-n-Train.........$110+ HST - 4 week program

For puppies 8 to 16 Weeks. This class is a blend of basic training with organized play. Puppies learn socialization skills necessary for interaction with dogs and humans. It is a 4 week session where you will be given help with teaching basic puppy manners to your puppy such as house training, no biting, follow me, as well as your puppy will learn good dog language by playing with other puppies and having fun with you.


Dog Manners # 1.......... $150 + HST -  6 week program

Dog Manners # 1 is for all dogs over the age of 16 weeks or have no previous obedience training. The class focus is on teaching proper dog-human rules plus basic commands. In this class they will learn sit, down, stay, no pulling on leash, no jumping up & of course COME.

Dog Manners # 2..........$150 + HST - 6 week program

Dog Manners # 2 is for all dogs who have completed Dog Manners # 1. This class offers more advanced skills and perfects what was learned in Dog Manners # 1. We teach the dogs to go to their bed, walk through doors politely, greet guests at the door politely and start off leash control.


Rally Obedience..........$140 + HST - 6 week program

Rally-Obedience is an organized sport consisting of a course with signs that indicate an obedience exercise which you and your dog must perform. Rally-O has multiple levels and titles that can be earned. At Paus-n-Train we promote CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience).  This organization includes mixed breeds and special needs people and dogs.  At the higher levels, agility skills are part of the requirements as you navigate the course, jumps, tunnels and weaves are part of the challenge.

Rally Freestyle........$125 + HST - 4 week program

Rally-Free is a unique sport combining trick behaviors of Canine Musical Freestyle with the format of Rally-Obedience. It emphasizes the precise execution of fundamental freestyle and obedience skills while encouraging creative and novel behaviors on a Rally-Obedience style course.

Reactive Rover 1........$150 + HST - 6 week program

This program is for dogs who bark and lunge on leash while in the presence of other dogs or people. In this class you will learn some training techniques and management techniques to help both you and your dog enjoy walking together again. Candidates for this class must not have a bite history with people or other dogs and complete a screening questionnaire. Please contact Gwen Little for more details at 705-740-0774.

Reactive Rover 2........$150 + HST - 6 week program

This is an advanced class for reactive dogs that have already taken the first level of Reactive Rover, and are now able to easily cope with other dogs in less challenging situations (e.g. watching or walking past dogs at a distance). In this class we help you and your dog conquer reactivity at the next level by building on concepts learned in Reactive Rover 1, and helping you and your dog be able to cope with:

  • Dogs in close proximity

  • Dogs in high-energy states (e.g. that are running, playing, barking)

  • Meeting other dogs on leash

We will also work on basic dog manners including loose leash walking and coming when called despite distractions. Registration in this class requires dogs and handlers to have completed Reactive Rover 1, and approval by the instructor ( 

Therapy Dog Prep Course……….$150 + HST - 6 week program

This class will prepare you and your dog for the 17 testing point "Therapy Dog" test as outlined by Life Line Canada - Companion Paws Program. Life Line Canada has the option for you and your dog to be evaluated for a Personal Support Therapy Dog designation as well as Visiting Therapy Dog designation. The 17 testing points include the criteria for the CKC Canine Good Citizen program. So this course will prepare you for both designations.

Need your dog to travel with you for personal support or want to visit schools and nursing homes with your dog to give back to the community? Gwen Little is an accredited Evaluator with Life Line Canada and can test you and your dog after completion of the program to earn your Therapy Dog designation.

Tricks..........$110 + HST - 4 week program

In this class we will teach your dog to help you around the house - find your keys, tidy up toys, get it's leash, ring a bell to go outside, along with a bundle of classic party tricks. Soon your dog will be the star of every social gathering!