Our Policies

Payment must be received before first class and there are no refunds after the first class. In order for a refund to be granted, a minimum of 24 hours must be received before the class.

Paus-n-Train will be responsible for making up classes which are cancelled by Paus-n-Train only. Paus-n-Train reserves the right to postpone classes due to inclement weather and will make up the for the cancellation by adding a class at the end of that session.

Paus-n-Train reserves the right to cancel classes if the minimum of 3 dogs for the class is not met.

No choke collars, prongs or e-collars allowed.  Absolutely No harsh corrections.

No forcing the dogs to perform obstacles or behaviors.

Your dog may be friendly but the other dog may not like your dog in his space.  Please keep your dog out of the other dogs faces.

To show respect to other classmates, bitches in season are allowed in class but MUST wear protective panties to prevent dripping on the floors.  Owners may substitute another dog if she comes in unexpectedly during the session. 

Paus-n-Train will make every effort to provide a safe environment but will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries to the dog or handler.

Referral Program: $10 discount on your next class for those who refer customers that sign up with Paus-n-Train.

Please note: If you are paying by cheque for Paus-n-Train classes, cheques are payable to "Gwen Little" not "Paus-n-Train".