Please note: If you are paying by cheque for Paus-n-Train classes, cheques are payable to "Gwen Little" not "Paus-n-Train".

Scent Detection.......$150 + HST - 6 week program

Dogs LOVE to use their noses!  The sport of scent detection is a great way to build confidence in the shy dog, help reactive dogs focus and learn, tire the mind of the high energy dog, and best of all, will help create a trusting partnership between you and your dog.  Just like you see on TV, your dog will learn to find specific scents and alert you to their location, however the scents used are completely legal to purchase and keep!  This class is suitable for dogs of any age, any temperament, any breed or mix and any level of obedience.  Your dog will be learning the target odours right from day one and will systematically learn to find odour in containers, rooms, exterior spaces and vehicles.

 The odours trained in these classes are the same odours used Canada wide for competition sport scent detection through the Sporting Detection Dog Associa-tion.  You can train for the simple joy of watching your dog “find it” or work towards entering competitions anywhere in Canada.

 Be prepared to see firsthand how amazing your dog's nose really is.