Reactive Rover

I met Gwen Little at a “sampler/agility/fun” day at her farm last summer. I watched the dogs and their people go through an agility course, watched some free-style dog dancing, some sniff-it games, just to get a sense of the place, and then had a chat with Gwen. I explained that I had an 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier that would probably love to do some agility work, but that she had issues with other dogs when she was walking on a leash, and so I had misgivings about bringing her to classes.

Gwen took the time to explain to me the focus of her Reactive Rover class, and encouraged me to register. We did. We came, we learned, we graduated. I learned much about my dog’s fear responses and her( seemingly bizarre) behaviour and what I could do to keep her from blowing a gasket when we were out walking. Now you’ll see us striding fearlessly (me) and calmly (her) around the neighbourhood at all hours, with all kinds of other dogs, kids, bikes, and the odd wild turkey around. That class was liberating for both my dog and me.

Since then, my dog Buster and I have taken several sessions of Wag-It games. The class sizes are very small, the atmosphere is happy and positive, the building is bright and comfortable. We have become familiar with all kinds of agility equipment, and are integrating basic manners training into everything we do. It is gratifying to see how excited my dog is to learn.

Gwen also helped me greatly to make a decision to make about getting another dog, and I have yet to see her stumped by any dog’s behaviour or by any question the trainers might have in class (and believe me when I say I am not shy about asking questions) . Maybe most importantly, with Gwen’s instruction, the mysteries of my dog’s behaviour are much clearer, and I am much more relaxed and confident with my furry pal. The bonding and communication between us has been enriched immeasurably.

My only regret is that I didn’t start classes sooner, because Buster and I missed out on a lot of fun. I look forward to beginning all over with a puppy, now that I have some insight as to how to do things better. I am absolutely certain that whatever question I have through the process, Gwen will guide me with compassion and humour.
 Jayne M. & Buster

I just wanted to update you on George’s progress since he has come so far!

We think the most noticeable difference with George now is his obedience in the face of distraction. George listens to us (even when he is off leash at our cottage and in our backyard) no matter whether there are strangers, dogs, or squirrels roaming around. It’s been so nice to let him off at the cottage knowing he will stick right with us even though there are other dogs around. He will even play hide and seek at the cottage where we leave him and yell okay from the woods. He does not stop until he finds us even though he may see other dogs.

He still barks at other dogs in town when we are walking him within a certain distance. However, he has made some dog friends at the cottage and they can happily run around and play forever if we let him. He still barks when he sees his new dog friends but once he gets up to them then happiness abounds and all we see is his open mouth and crazy wagging tail.

Thank you so much for all your help with his training! He is growing from a lovely dog to an outstanding dog!
Camellia S & George

Hi Jenilee:

Lincoln is doing really well!!  I am crating him every time we are not home. I put treats and a toy in the crate and most times he willingly goes in.  If I'm going to be a longer time away I put a kong with frozen food in it.  Destruction has stopped on anything major. He has snitched a napkin off the counter or a Tupperware lid from the sink but that I can handle.  Mid last week I have started leaving him out of the crate when I am just driving my son to work in the morning and only gone for 1/2 hr and he greets me at the door with no problems. He is no longer "crazy" after being in the crate which is awesome! I have taken him to a new vet who isn't fond of the steroids he had previously been on and just gave him a topical  cream. His eyes are improving and he's starting to look like a "normal" chocolate lab. I also have him on the raw food (beaver) full time.  He is down to 65 lbs and his coat is absolutely silky and shiney! He's like a new dog.  I have learned to be more patient, calm and consistent and no longer threaten to make him a kijiji ad lol.

Thank you soooo much for helping us!! It's such a difference in the Hughes household now!
Debbie & Lincoln


We are enjoying your foundation class for agility. I started agility with my other dog Cody a few years ago. In your class I am learning things that I wished I had known when I first started with Cody. Your classes are very enjoyable and relaxed. I like the way you start the agility step by step from the very beginning. 

Chloe and I are having lots of fun in your agility foundation class. You're a great teacher, and your patience and sense of humour are much appreciated by both of us! Thanks! 

Event Specific

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your “Halloween Funfest” day. 
It was a jam-packed day…something for absolutely EVERYONE. What I really liked was that there were people who brought their puppies/dogs out just to watch and socialize. It’s fabulous to see that your students take to heart how important the socialization and training is! 
I can hardly wait for your “Winter Extravaganza” that you have annually
Thanks for a great day! 

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for hosting the Dog Days of winter on Sunday. It was great experience for Darcy and me. I think it was a terrific idea to showcase all the different canine activities. I think Darcy would be very good at tracking - especially if it is for lost hot dogs. Thanks for a terrific time! 
Michelle & Darcy

We attended our first CARO trial at Paus-N-Train Obedience and Agility up near Cameron, Ontario. What a super facility. We were impressed with how smoothly the day went and with the great bunch of competitors we were fortunate to meet. Our 22-month-old Canaan Dog female, Cybelle, in her very first set of trials, had a wonderful day. We were able to qualify in all 3 trials, and better our scores each time. She started with a 189, then 195, and finally a 197 to make her handler Larry extremely proud. She is the first Canaan Dog female to earn a Rally title in Canada. Thank you to Sharon and all the people at Paus-N-Train, the judges Kelly Morrow and Donna Whitmore, and to all of the other competitors. See you at another trial soon. 
Michelle Harrington, Larry Myers and Cybelle 
Canaan Club of Ontario

Dog Manners 

Just a note to let you know that we are finding our Dog Manners #1 very helpful. It is designed to give us and the dogs a good foundation in using clickers to train while learning very useful everyday pet activities. As country dogs our dogs didn't originally learn some of the graces needed for visiting towns - leash walking, confidence around strangers, etc. We are now well on our way! The other thing that makes it all work is your straight forward approach and even tone --- it is all about learning, not about blaming!! 

We appreciate the "paus"itive approach to training, it has proven to be less stressful for all of us. We know we still have along way to go but thank you so much for helping us along this path. 
Sue & Lou & Buffy

From the first time we met you in Dec. with Sadie, we knew you came highly recommended for all the right reasons. We were devastated by Sadie's dog aggressiveness and you were confident you could help. We can't thank you enough for all you have taught us re: dog obedience. I have enjoyed every minute of being at school and also working with them at home. It has been fun & rewarding. 
Diane, Ralph, Cali & Gemini

If you are looking to train your dog or puppy to prevent or correct behavioural problems then check out what Paus-N-Train under Sharon Worsley has to offer. I did with great results. I have much happier and emotionally healthy dogs. True to his breed Cruiser started his training with Sharon of Paus-N-train as a stubborn spoilt Shih Tzu. After training sessions of Rally-0, agility and some of the handling workshops at Paus-N-Train... along with Sharon's patience, years of dog training expertise and a range of up-to-date techniques, Cruiser and I now have a real working bond. Cruiser loves his agility classes . I highly recommend Sharon of Paus-N-Train and so will your dog. Both of you will enjoy the fun, learning and development of the wonderful working relationship that occurs with you and your dog. 

From my first session working with Sharon, I was impressed with her relaxed easy style and competency. I knew with her keen ability and the clicker method that I would be able to train my two girls (Beagle 6 yrs and Boogle 4 yrs) to develop any skill. I want to thank her for her time, talent, and support and highly recommend her services to all who are looking to improve their relationship and communication with their beloved four-legged friends. 
Tammy F.

Puppy Class

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your class. I think you will have a harder time training me than Murphy!! Good advice on the "fear" stage. I am glad to know it is common and Murphy is not becoming aggressive because he really is a nice laid back puppy.
Carlene & Murphy