Our Topics Classes are designed for pet guardians to focus on 1 problem behaviour at a time.

 Dogs Behaving Badly……….$43 + hst - 1 week program

Does your dog jump and grab for food, dash through doorways and jump on people?

This one-session course centers around building a solid sit-with-release in the face of various real-life distractions, in order to give dog guardians a reliable behavior to use for building impulse control.

Students work on the proofing process with exercises around food, the food bowl, door dashing, various people/dog/object/movement distractions, and then finally work on sitting to greet new people.

Walking nicely on leash……….$86.25 + hst - 3 week program

The focus of this class is polite walking on leash, particularly in the presence of distractions. Loose leash walking, leave it, and go for it will be practiced with various distractions to give guardians more control when walking their dogs in their neighbourhood or around town.