About Paus-n-Train

Paus-n-Train provides year round dog training classes in Obedience, Agility and Rally-O. Drawing on the "Positive reinforcement" philosophy of dog training, Gwen Little uses what is commonly referred to as the "clicker method." With class sizes limited to 4 students per trainer, each participant can benefit from one on one time with the trainer.

What's New

Condensed Dog Manners #1 Class for August only

This class will cover all material from the Dog Manners # 1 program but will run for 3 weeks, twice weekly on Monday's and Friday's at 7 pm beginning Aug. 11th and ending Aug. 29th.


Agility Handling Skills Workshop

Sat. Aug. 9th with Dante Camacho

This one day workshop will reveal the secrets of agility handling, you will learn what the most important handling maneuvers are and when and how they should be used.

Improve your timing and understanding and play the game like an expert handler.

All students will have the same amount of attention and time to work with their dogs.

Your dog needs to know the tunnel and jumps, there will be no contacts or weave poles in this workshop. 

  • Basic handling - Front Crosses, Rear Crosses and Post Turns
  • Advanced handling - Lead outs and Distance Work 
  • European handling - Blind Crosses and K-turns

Coming in October: Wag It Games

There are multiple components to Wag It Games. They include No Need for Speed Obstacle Courses, Sniff It! (Scent detection) and Dog Ball (herding yoga balls). More details to follow.

Referral Program

$10 discount on your next class for those who refer customers that sign up with Paus-n-Train.