About Paus-n-Train

Paus-n-Train provides year round dog training classes in Obedience, Agility, Rally-O and Scent Detection. Drawing on the "Positive reinforcement" philosophy of dog training, Gwen Little uses what is commonly referred to as the "clicker method." With class sizes limited to 4 students per trainer, each participant can benefit from lots of one on one time with the trainer.

What's New

Next agility Fun Match is July 9, 2017 in the front field - Rain or Shine

Our thoughts are support extend to Kim Mitchell our Scent Detection trainer as she takes a 4 month medical sabbatical leave to fight Lyme Disease that she contracted through a tick bite.  Get better quick Kim!  We miss you!  The dogs are bored and wanting to sniff!

Sport Scent Detection classes are on hold until Kim has clearance to resume training again.  We are hoping for October.  Please stay tuned.

Referral Program

$10 discount on your next class for those who refer customers that sign up with Paus-n-Train.